Our organisation is flexible and flat, despite the non-for-profit nature of our work, we keep a spirit of the young entrepreneurial entity that strives for change in the city we live in.

Areas of work

Circular Berlin operates across 3 main areas:

Knowledge building

Without enough relevant knowledge and data, we cannot make informed decisions for transitioning to a circular economy. We explore Berlin’s material flows through knowledge-building and practical projects, focusing on the sectors of food & biomass, textile & fashion, the built environment, materials & products, and city metabolism. We consider further sectors development such as tourism, mobility and electronics.


Community-building helps raise awareness of the issues at hand, disseminate knowledge, and accelerate the rate of change. We connect and support Berlin’s circular economy scene through open-source communication tools and networking events.


For key stakeholders to make informed decisions and enable a circular economy, they need to deeply understand the latest knowledge and tools at hand. We train professionals, city officials and students on both theoretical and practical aspects of the circular economy.

How we work

We are not an agency or consultancy, even though our way of working can be similar to it. Working across 3 areas mentioned above we aim to operate as an partner in the project, to ensure transparency and knowledge dissemination.

We aim to work as open as we can, sharing the results of our work, either it is the research project or cooperation with the municapilites, because we believe on in this case we can reach bigger impact.

You can call us think tank with the ability to create and realize practical work with other partners.

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