At Circular Berlin, there are two main types of members: community members, and team members. The latter also has two sub-categories: Core and Experts.

How we work

At Circular Berlin, we get together to work on projects which are aligned with our organization's vision. We pool a diverse mix of people, depending on the project. These can include strategists, experts with deep knowledge on a topic, researchers, and design and communication support. We might also partner with a third party if it makes sense.

We engage with Circular Berlin on a voluntary basis, and at times on a (paid) freelance basis.

Becoming a member

Becoming a community member is the easiest way to get to know Circular Berlin, and can be a stepping stone towards joining as a Team Member and increasing the engagement with Circular Berlin.

All membership types require a yearly payment of 60€ to Circular Berlin. In order to become a member you need to fill it in the following request on our website.

More information about membership, you can read here.

Comparison of memberships

Type of membership

Voting rights

Represent Circular Berlin at public events

German term in statutes

Community member


No, unless previously agreed

Fördernde Mitglieder

Team member



Ehrenamtliche Mitglieder

Team member: Core



Ordentliche Mitglieder

Team member: Experts



Ordentliche Mitglieder

Cancelation of a membership

Memberships can be cancelled at any time with a written notice to any of the Core Team Members. The membership fee cannot be partially reimbursed.

The details are also covered in our statutes.