At Circular Berlin, there are two main types of members: community members, and team members. The latter also has two sub-categories: Core and Experts.

How we work

At Circular Berlin, we get together to work on projects which are aligned with our organization's vision. We pool a diverse mix of people, depending on the project. These can include strategists, experts with deep knowledge on a topic, researchers, and design and communication support. We might also partner with a third party if it makes sense.

We engage with Circular Berlin on a voluntary basis, and at times on a (paid) freelance basis.

Becoming a member

Becoming a community member is the easiest way to get to know Circular Berlin, and can be a stepping stone towards joining as a Team Member and increasing the engagement with Circular Berlin.

All membership types require a yearly payment of 60€ to Circular Berlin. In order to become a member you need to fill it in the following request on our website.

More information about membership, you can read here.

Comparison of memberships

Cancelation of a membership

Memberships can be cancelled at any time with a written notice to any of the Core Team Members. The membership fee cannot be partially reimbursed.

The details are also covered in our statutes.

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