Team members

Team members are actively involved in Circular Berlin's day-to-day activities, projects, and operational work. They can work on and start new projects, develop their skills, and grow their professional network.


  • Support the running projects and teams with ongoing activities, on demand (e.g. project support, conducting research, organizing events, communication, design, fundraising, etc)

  • Actively give a helping hand where needed and contribute with new ideas to projects and events


Becoming a team member

A community member can become a team member when he/she wants to get more engaged in Circular Berlin's activities, by making a written inquiry to one of the existing Core Team Members. The Core Team considers the inquiry and approves/rejects it.

Team members are expected to:

  • Have a few years of working experience in his/her field. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacities to train people with no working experience.

  • Be comfortable working independently and having a proactive attitude. As a distributed organization, we work remotely most of the times, and we cannot (and do not want to) micro-manage anyone.

  • Expected to dedicate up to 6 hours a week to support our work.

  • Be financially stable, without your involvement with Circular Berlin. The organization does not currently have the financial means to guarantee employment or other financial benefits. That being said, we sometimes work on paid projects, and we are working on making the organization more financially sustainable.

The following survey should be also filled in to assess better how it can fit together.

Final decision of becoming a team member is done after 3 months probation period, based on the involvement and personal fit into the team.

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