Expert team members

Expert Team Members engage and lead projects in the domain or industry of their expertise.


  • Work with Circular Berlin on a per-project-basis, in the domain of expertise

  • Represent Circular Berlin at events, and build a strong network in the field

  • While being engaged in a project, taking part in operational calls




Voting and make strategic decisions


Represent Circular Berlin at events or speak on behalf of the organisation


Becoming a Core Team Member

Any Team Member can become a Expert Team Member, by making a written inquiry to one of the existing Core Team Members. The Core Team considers the inquiry and approves/rejects it.

Expert Team members are expected to:

  • Bring a clearly defined expertise to the team, with multiple years of work experience in the field

  • Have successfully completed at least 1 joint project with Circular Berlin (as a community or team member, or project partner)

  • Proactively propose and scope projects

  • Association active and decision making member

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