Core team members

Team members actively shape the strategic direction of the organisation, define the project scope and approach, and are often points of contact for partnerships and speakers at events.


  • Lead and develop a domain expertise, based on the skillset

  • Proactively cover a part of our operational activities (strategy, digital, knowledge building, education, community building, communication, event management, etc.)

  • Represent Circular Berlin at events, and build a strong network in the field

  • Scope and lead projects (per project decided revenue goes to Circular Berlin operations)

  • Take part in strategic meetings and organisational calls




Voting and make strategic decisions, participate in the strategic and operational meetings


Represent Circular Berlin at events or speak on behalf of the organisation


Becoming a Core Team Member

Any Team Member can become a Core Team Member, by making a written inquiry to one of the existing Core Team Members. The Core Team considers the inquiry and approves/rejects it.

Core Team members are expected to:

  • Have a strong expertise and skills in at least one field

  • Have a few years of working experience in his/her field

  • Have had a longer engagement with Circular Berlin and its work, minimum 1 year

  • Have a solid understanding of internal operations

  • Reserve a minimum 2 days per week for Circular Berlin work

  • Be proactive in the development of the organisation

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